The First Bit

Achrom Capital
Apr 25, 2022

Hello cypherpunks, thinking about it several times I decided to start writing some articles, just to show some aspects related to Blockchain technology that aren’t usually mentioned or that I consider essentials.

First I’ll introduce myself briefly. I’m Spanish, sorry if my English isn’t perfect, is one of the aspects that I wanna improve writing those articles (don’t laugh too much about it :). About my professional career, I’m not an engineer or something related, I’m just an Economics, Finance, Geopolitics, History and Blockchain enthusiast so you’ll see that I’ll not explain things in a deep technical way or not from this perspective.

If you wanna propose some topics or to talk directly about other topics, feel free to do it. I’m here to improve my knowledge by discussing with other users and working to improve constructive criticism.

“This is the Way”